World of Hedges

How Long Does A Hedge Take To Grow

Hedges are among the most common types of plants for any garden providing a wonderful focal point cut to the desired shape or as a privacy hedge in a tall dense mix or shrub form. Choosing the right type of plant is an important factor when determining the rate at which growth will take place […]

The Most Popular Hedge Types

Hedges are common additions for any style or shape of garden creating an immediate privacy fence, blocking out noise, and adding an attractive feature. These plants grow in sun or shade and can be styled or trimmed into various shapes making a neat and modern appearance. Learning of the most popular hedge types can help […]

Tips For Landscaping With Deciduous Hedges

An attractive landscaping design is something that will instantly improve the value of any residential property. Lush foliage, colourful flowers, and a well-maintained hedge enhance the visual appeal of a yard while offering a natural way to mark property lines and provide some privacy for property owners. Depending on location and personal preference, deciduous hedges […]

Using Evergreen Hedges To Enhance Any Landscape

Planting grass, trees, bushes, and flowers is the perfect way to enhance the appearance of any outdoor area. When property owners plant evergreen hedges, they get much more than just beautiful landscaping. A hedge can help reduce street noise, increase personal privacy, and increase property value when the homeowner decides to sell. One big advantage […]

What To Consider Before Planting Laurel Hedges In Lancashire

Hedges serve a variety of purposes in residential and commercial landscaping. These lush green barriers provide a natural and attractive way to define property lines and preserve the property owner’s privacy. A thick hedge is just as effective for keeping out unwanted human and animal intruders as any fence or wall. If you want to […]

Reasons To Check Out Hornbeam Hedges For Sale

If you would like a more beautiful landscape, you might be thinking about re-seeding the lawn or buying new plants. It also may be a good idea to invest in some fountains or maybe a new sidewalk or patio. However, many people are seeing a lot of benefits in hornbeam hedges for sale, and here […]

Tips For Planting Hawthorn Hedges In Lancashire

Hedge plants are affordable and provide an attractive border for any landscaping design. You have many options when choosing a hedge plant for your yard but hawthorn is among the most popular. You can find affordable hawthorn hedges in Lancashire¬†at any local nursery. Small plants, called whips, are the least expensive and are approximately 60cm […]

Tips For Growing Privet Hedges Lancashire

A privet hedge is a semi to evergreen shrub that is available in a wide range of plant species including flower varieties. It is a common choice for the home offering privacy and an attractive appearance, but requires regular care to ensure that healthy growth is facilitated and bushes are kept neatly trimmed. With growing […]

Hedge Supplier in Lancashire

When working on the design and construction of a beautiful lawn or commercial landscape project, there are so many options which will help enhance the appeal of the property. Using plants, trees and shrubs that are native to the area can also have a positive environmental impact on the area around the property, leading to […]