World of Hedges

When working on the design and construction of a beautiful lawn or commercial landscape project, there are so many options which will help enhance the appeal of the property. Using plants, trees and shrubs that are native to the area can also have a positive environmental impact on the area around the property, leading to even more beneficial effects for the neighborhood at large. The decision to work with native or non-native plants, what type of plants will be used and how the plants will be arranged on the property are all functions of a team. The property owner, property manager and the landscape architect or landscape gardener will all work together to make sure that the most appropriate products are chosen to produce the look and feel that the owner is looking for.

How to Create A Great Hedge

Creating a hedge on a property can provide not only a great atmosphere for beautiful birds to live in, but can create a sense of privacy for a homeowner in Lancashire. A properly designed hedge, even when planted with young plants, will grow to fill in for a concealing look, and a healthy arrangement of the plants. This means hedges can’t be planted too close together, but also can’t be planted too far apart.

The look of a hedge that is well designed will be smooth and luxurious. For a property which has an existing hedge that may look wild or out of order, it’s likely that the design was not well thought out at the beginning, or that plants which were less than appropriate were selected to create the hedge look. Selecting plants which support the property as a whole, and will be nurtured by the soil and water available, will help the hedge to stay healthy looking and functional for a long time.

Working with a Hedge Supplier

Not every nursery or arborist will have the experience and knowledge necessary to make a hedge that fits the needs of the homeowner and the property itself. The training required to specialize well in the hedge creation and supply industry comes from a long education and a sense that the hedge is one of the best landscape features it’s possible to leverage for many properties.

A hedge supplier who also works as a designer or landscape gardener will want to inspect the property in order to determine the status of any existing hedge, to see the property layout and to understand the soil and microclimate on the property. When a homeowner is working with a landscape architect or a landscape gardener, that professional will contract with the hedge supplier in order to complete the design of the property.

The hedge suppliers in Lancashire who are best able to help with commercial and residential property landscaping needs will be able to supply hedges, trees and conifers like maple, birch, sweet chestnut, eucalyptus, laburnum and others. Discounting and preferred installation of the selected hedge plants can be negotiated with the purchase is in bulk, or when there’s an ongoing relationship between the landscape gardener and the hedge supplier.

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