At the cutting edge for hedges

Do you want to have beautiful and sturdy boundaries around your property? When you are choosing your property’s hedges come to the experts at World of Hedges Ltd. We have over 38 years’ experience in providing both domestic and commercial customers with luscious and durable hedges from all over the world.

Your hedge will not only protect your environment, acting as a beautiful yet imposing physical boundary to your property but will also have been grown organically. Hedges are great for the local wildlife populations providing them sanctuary. Buying the perfect hedge for your property need not be expensive as when you buy a hedge from us you are buying it direct from the grower. Make your boundaries in to something beautiful today.

Why use our hedges for your property’s edges?

  • You can huge choose from a huge selection of hedges from around the world
  • Organically grown and so their production is not harmful to the environment
  • Perfect for your local wildlife’s habitat
  • You can have 38 years of experience go into the advice given to you about the best edges for your requirements
  • Low maintenance plants
  • They can be pruned and grown to fit any space


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