World of Hedges

When you want to plant a hedge, you need to conduct your research to ensure that you select the most ideal plants. They play an important role in the garden as they act as sound proof and also act as a form of security. They come in various varieties and you may be confused on the variety to choose. So if you are considering the privacy hedges: what type should you go for?

It is the desire of the most of the people to have hedges that requires no or few maintenance. If you are such a person, you should pick the low maintenance types of plants. When you plant Copper Beech or Red Robin that is constantly green, you will not spend much of your time in trimming. You may be surprised that you may only prune once in summer to achieve that beautiful look.

The size of your garden will determine the type of hedge you will plant. If you have a smaller compound, it is wiser to go for a narrow hedge. There are plant species that are useful for these types of narrow hedges such as the Ligustrum vulgare and Osmathus delavayii. You can also use the wooden trellis to make boundaries in your garden.

The wildlife hedge is also ideal for the privacy concerns. It adds authentic feel to your garden and compound as a whole. These native plants will produce nuts, berries, fruits that give your compound a natural atmosphere. The flowery plants will attract bees and birds making your compound to be more beautiful. The hedge will consist of several plant species such as the field maple, spindle, blackthorn, alder, crab apple and sweet briar.

You can be able to make your compound more private and ensure that it looks more beautiful. There are some plants that are very attractive when planted in the compound. Some of them include spotted laurel, fancy-leaved and variegated privet. They are also more convenient if you want to achieve a more formal and attractive look. If you want to achieve a casual and attractive looks, you should consider the flowering hedge.

If you are considering harvesting out of your hedge, then you should go for edible plants. You can decide to plant crab apple, blackberry, damson and pear for their nuts and fruits. These walls are encouraged on the upcountry rather than in the city set up.

If you are want to have a private compound with enough security, you should go for the bougainvillea type. They have thorns that will ensure that no one climbs your wall. These plant grows very fast so it needs constant pruning to tame the wild spreading of the twigs. Other thorny types of hedge plants include Holly, roses, sea and buckthorn.

There are various factors that influence the type of the plants that you pick. To achieve maximum benefits from the plants, you should study more about the species of the plants and find out if your location is the best for the plants. You can achieve more from the hedge like having a beautiful, secure and elegant compound.