World of Hedges

Native hedge plants are defined as those which have developed naturally in an area, without the need for heroic measures to ensure that they will survive. Some of the native hedge plants UK homeowners choose include Box, Beech, Yew and Hornbeam. These plants do well with the typical soil conditions and climatic conditions which are common throughout the United Kingdom.

The reasons for planting native plant hedges are varied. You may like the precise edged look of your landscape when a hedgerow defines the space. Privacy is another reason for installing a line of hedging around the perimeter of a property, or for screening of areas where you don’t want them on public display.

Some plantings are known for their encouragement to birds, butterflies or even small animals that can live in close proximity to humans. Flowering hedges tend to be a magnet for butterflies and bees. Some birds are also drawn by flowers, or by the leafy outgrowth. Supporting the wildlife and insect life is environmentally responsible.

Shade is another benefit that can be enjoyed, at least on those green options which grow to a substantial height. Maybe it is just a window which needs to be shaded, during part or all of the day. If you pick the appropriate plants, you gain shade without blocking the view completely. The right plants can help to lower the temperature indoors by several degrees.

Privacy is very important to some homeowners. The greenery or flowing hedge line can prevent casual passers-by from seeing into areas of the house or garden that would otherwise be on full display. A privacy hedge is also able to temper the sound levels from automobiles passing by. This leaves an outdoor area which is serene and peaceful for reading or relaxing.

The opposite effect is found when the homeowner wants to entertain outdoors without disturbing the neighbors. A patio with outdoor living space is a great place for a group of friends or family members to gather in the cool of the evening. When planning a gathering on your patio or pergola, appropriate plant screening makes the outdoor space more secluded and inviting.

Some homeowners use the hedges to block access to the property. The plants used in this instance may rely on close proximity to make it difficult for intruders to get through. Other plant features could include thorns or branches which cause scratches or torn garments. These hedgerows don’t completely prevent access, but certainly discourage it. They can effectively block human or animal intruders. The flora may be combined with a wire or wooden fence, which is both effective and aesthetically pleasing.

The type of hedge plantings which you choose will depend on the purpose of them. The plantings come in a variety of heights, including low growing, mid-height and tall. Most of the choices are evergreen, and many have flowers as well as greenery. Another factor to consider is how much time you want to spend in care and pruning your hedge. Some of the choices from your nearby garden center or nursery grow more rapidly than others.

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