World of Hedges

Creating a hedge is a common way to mark the boundary of a garden

It’s an effective way to provide privacy, add structure to your garden and create a boundary with the outside world. One of the best ways to create this boundary is by using evergreen hedge plants. Evergreen hedge plants provide an all-year-round backdrop, which is both practical and visually pleasing. Here are some of the best […]

What are the benefits of hedges for wildlife?

Hedges, which are rows of trees or shrubs that are planted closely together, are an important feature in the landscape. Not only do they enhance the appearance of the space they occupy, but they also provide numerous benefits to wildlife. Here are some of the benefits of hedges to wildlife: 1. Shelter: Hedges provide shelter […]

The Importance Of Hedges To Nesting Birds Today

Many property owners spend time maintaining hedges to look beautiful and healthy. Though these living walls work as decorative elements, they practically have more than that. People will trim these walls, thus affecting how birds nest on them. You need to learn about the importance of Hedges to nesting birds today and how to go […]

The Benefits Of Mixed Native Hedging

Over the years mixed indigenous hedges have gained popularity due to the many advantages that come with such an undertaking, which is not only beneficial to your garden but also the local areas. The benefits range from environmental benefits to wildlife interests. This piece will highlight some of the advantages that you get to enjoy […]


Hedges add diversity to any present landscape design through the infusion of colors, textures, and shapes that may not be represented in different elements within your plan. Thus, when it comes to choosing a hedge, there must be a specific choice. Laurel hedges are therefore known to cater for this role, and they are also popular […]

Understanding The Definition Of Hedge In All Its Incarnations

Certain words in the English language have a veritable multitude of meanings. Among these words are a few that remain fairly consistent in the general ideas that they wish to convey. This is definitely the case with hedge, which can be used to define special types of funds, accounts and investments, a specific type of […]

Discover The Benefits Of Using Hedges As A Wind Break

There are a number of smart, landscaping strategies that can help you curb your home energy costs. For instance, planting lots of tall trees and other large-sized foliage can shade your home in the warm months of summer. As a result, you will have to spend a lot less money on air conditioning, given that […]

Selecting Native Hedge Plants UK

Native hedge plants are defined as those which have developed naturally in an area, without the need for heroic measures to ensure that they will survive. Some of the native hedge plants UK homeowners choose include Box, Beech, Yew and Hornbeam. These plants do well with the typical soil conditions and climatic conditions which are […]

Why Deciduous Hedges Can Be Such A Beneficial Addition To Your Landscaping Plan

Why Deciduous Hedges Can Be Such A Beneficial Addition To Your Landscaping Plan

A smart landscaping plan will have a diverse range of elements, especially when it comes to the included foliage. This will not only allow for the absolute best level of outdoor aesthetics, but it will also diversify your maintenance plan and provide something good to look at all year long. When you go about the […]

The Benefits Of Hedges Around Your Property

If you are thinking about having a fence around your property, think about putting up a hedge. This is due to the several benefits of hedges. The best time to plant a hedge is as soon as you move in to your property, before you know it, the plants and trees will be established. Here […]