World of Hedges

What Are Evergreen Hedge Types?

A beautiful, well-maintained hedge in your garden can serve various purposes. It can help block unwanted views and noise, be a boundary and, of course, improve the attractiveness of your garden. How you want to use your favorite type of evergreen hedges will depend on your interests. In this article, we will help you know […]

What Is The Definition Of ‘A Hedge’

A hedge is a fence of a thick growth of low trees or shrubs planted around a garden or home for protection or aesthetics purposes. People have been planting hedges for centuries under circumstances that are prevailing to date. Even after thousands of years, hedges prove to be valuable to people. This article tackles what […]

Using Evergreen Hedges To Enhance Any Landscape

Planting grass, trees, bushes, and flowers is the perfect way to enhance the appearance of any outdoor area. When property owners plant evergreen hedges, they get much more than just beautiful landscaping. A hedge can help reduce street noise, increase personal privacy, and increase property value when the homeowner decides to sell. One big advantage […]

A Few Pointers For Choosing Evergreen Hedges

A Few Pointers For Choosing Evergreen <a href=””>Hedges</a> For many homeowners, providing an area of the lawn or garden where privacy is assured is an important part of the landscaping choices. There are several other benefits which are achieved when evergreen hedges are planted around the perimeter of a property or portion of a property. […]

Tips For Proper Box Hedge Care And Maintenance

Boxwood, Buxus or Buxus Sempervirens, is an evergreen plant that grows mainly in the UK and Australia areas. It requires a specific type of care that if not well done, the plant will not flourish. It can be grown in pots, sunlight or shade and where it is grown will depend on the type of […]