World of Hedges

What Is The Definition Of ‘A Hedge’

A hedge is a fence of a thick growth of low trees or shrubs planted around a garden or home for protection or aesthetics purposes. People have been planting hedges for centuries under circumstances that are prevailing to date. Even after thousands of years, hedges prove to be valuable to people. This article tackles what […]

The Best UK Hedges For 2021

Hedges are usually planted for a variety of reasons. They provide privacy, define boundaries and they act as windbreakers. Finding the right plants for your property is key to them serving their purpose. Here are the best UK hedges for 2021. Hawthorn Hawthorn is widely used in cases where a mixed fence is used. This […]

Tips For Planting Hawthorn Hedges In Lancashire

Hedge plants are affordable and provide an attractive border for any landscaping design. You have many options when choosing a hedge plant for your yard but hawthorn is among the most popular. You can find affordable hawthorn hedges in Lancashire¬†at any local nursery. Small plants, called whips, are the least expensive and are approximately 60cm […]