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How To Trim Your Hedges In The Spring

There are a few things folks need to know when it comes to caring for their landscaping. Depending on where you live there are certain care and maintenance needs for different times of the year. No matter where you live one universal task is trimming hedges in the spring. The most common technique is to trim from the top of the bush down. Before you start cutting away branches, make sure you do some research about the type of hedge you have. It is very important to understand the type of cuts you will need to make to ensure a healthy plant. You may need to purchase certain tools to do the job right. Learn all you can about how and when to trim before you begin. It is never a good idea to just start cutting away at branches. Trimming in the spring rather than the fall will help plants survive the low temperatures of winter. The time to trim is in the spring, during the summer, and at the end of the summer. Trimming and snipping in the growing season encourages the plant to grow and branch up. If you clip your hedge in the colder temperatures the newly clipped branches are exposed to cold and this will harm the plant. Choose your tools wisely. Gardening tools that are better made and do not lose their sharp edges are recommended. Cutting with a tool that has dull edge can damage branches by uneven cuts and ripping. A clean sharp cut will promote healthy growth. It is best to use a hand pruner for fine work, serrated blade shears for heavy branches, and lopping shears for thick branches. You can use string as a guideline to help you trim a hedge evenly. Begin by making a grid of the branches that are sticking out. Trim the larger branches that stick out first. Next do some closer clipping to clean up the top and sides and get a nice shape. You can concentrate on keeping your hedge square or trim individual hedges into a round shape. Clip the sides of the bush wider at the bottom. This will ensure that the exposed leaves get the most sun. When you clip bushes you are making it possible for them to soak up the light. The hedge should look like an upside down vase when trimmed correctly. A properly clipped bush will be healthy. It is important to know what needs to be cut on the particular hedge you are pruning. Clipping branches to encourage growth means that you trim the longer branches in the middle. If you only want to spruce up your hedge, concentrate on its shape, making it even by clipping branches that are sticking out. You will be thinning the bush out. When you trim, begin at the top of the bush and work downward. Make sure that you fertilise the bush so that it has energy to encourage new growth. Anyone can have beautiful looking bushes when they follow these guidelines. With a little work you will have a yard that will make your neighbours envious.