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How Often Do I Need To Cut My Hedges?

Cutting off hedges improves the appearance of a yard. When a hedge is appropriately pruned, its health is improved as the diseased and dead areas are reduced. When pruning, planters should ask themselves, how often do I need to cut my hedges? Hedges need to be cut regularly to prevent drying and dead branches from […]

Maintaining Hedges In A Hot Summer

It can be tough to keep your hedges looking good in the summertime. The heat and humidity can take their toll on even the healthiest plants. This blog post will discuss five ways to maintain your hedges during the hot summer months. 1. MulchingMulching is one of the best ways to protect your hedges from […]

A Few Pointers For Choosing Evergreen Hedges

A Few Pointers For Choosing Evergreen <a href=””>Hedges</a> For many homeowners, providing an area of the lawn or garden where privacy is assured is an important part of the landscaping choices. There are several other benefits which are achieved when evergreen hedges are planted around the perimeter of a property or portion of a property. […]

How Long Does A Hedge Take To Grow

Hedges are among the most common types of plants for any garden providing a wonderful focal point cut to the desired shape or as a privacy hedge in a tall dense mix or shrub form. Choosing the right type of plant is an important factor when determining the rate at which growth will take place […]

Tips For Growing Privet Hedges Lancashire

A privet hedge is a semi to evergreen shrub that is available in a wide range of plant species including flower varieties. It is a common choice for the home offering privacy and an attractive appearance, but requires regular care to ensure that healthy growth is facilitated and bushes are kept neatly trimmed. With growing […]