World of Hedges

Hedges are usually planted for a variety of reasons. They provide privacy, define boundaries and they act as windbreakers. Finding the right plants for your property is key to them serving their purpose. Here are the best UK hedges for 2021.


Hawthorn is widely used in cases where a mixed fence is used. This is when more than one plant is used to create a barrier. Some of its advantages include that it is thorny, as well as dense, which makes it very effective for stock proofing. It also provides a good nesting place for birds.


This plant is best for areas where large fences are needed. It has large leaves and it can even grow into a tree. It produces nuts, which attracts rodents such as squirrels. Its flowers attracts bees.

Lawsons Suppress

Lawsons Suppress is noted for its fast growth rate. It grows up to two metres high. It is a colorful plant that will attract birds and butterflies. This shrub does well in windy and dry environments. It will provide you with the privacy that you need.


Cherry is a plant will remain evergreen throughout the year. This provides you with a great backdrop for your garden, as well as a nice nesting ground for birds. The plants retain their leaves even in winter. The plant does well in most places.


This is a prickly plant that provides a good boundary. If you want it to produce berries, then you need both male and female plants. It grows slowly, but steadily.

Berberis Golden Torch

This decorative plant is also impenetrable. It has orange-colored leaves. It produces golden flowers during spring. It is quite fragrant and tends to attract bees.


Lavender is a good option if you are looking for low hedging. This can be used when you want to separate various areas without creating a barrier