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Boxwood, Buxus or Buxus Sempervirens, is an evergreen plant that grows mainly in the UK and Australia areas. It requires a specific type of care that if not well done, the plant will not flourish. It can be grown in pots, sunlight or shade and where it is grown will depend on the type of care that it needs. Here are some tips for proper box hedge care.
If you plant your box hedge in a planter or pot it will depend mainly on you for its care and treatment. It will need to be watered regularly as its roots depend on moisture and can dry out and affect the growth of the plant and its condition. You should water the plant when the soil is mostly dry so as to not over water the box plant as this can also have adverse effects. It will also need more moisture at the beginning of its growth stages in order to establish the root system.
When you plant your box shrub in a planter or pot you will also need to feed it. You can use a specialised fertiliser that will help it to remain healthy and to grow. A good fertiliser will supply the Buxus with the nutrients that it needs. Well rotted manure is the ideal type of fertiliser for the box plant but you can also use other types of commercial fertiliser.
Box plants can grow in the shade or in sunlight and its care will depend on where it is located. You should not, however, trim your box hedge plant in the direct sunlight as this will cause scorching of the leaves. Use a topiary hedge trimmer and trim the plant leaves straight and evenly.
Since the buxus is a dense plant it is difficult for water or rainfall to get to the root system. This is why it is important to water the plant sufficiently to keep the roots healthy. The plant will flourish with sufficient moisture but remember not too much or it will affect the plant and its growth process.
The best time to prune the box plant is in late May or during the first week of June. The new growth that comes out in the later part of spring can be identified by the lighter green leaves on the plant. The new growth also must be slightly leathery in appearance before they are trimmed. You can determine this by feeling the leaves for this leathery texture.
The box hedge will need pruning again sometime in late September or October. This will keep it neat and tidy for the coming Winter months. Remember to never trim the hedge in direct sunlight as this can cause the leaves to scorch and turn brown.
Always make sure that when you first plant the hedge in the ground that you give it sufficient water so its root system can become established. Once the root system is established in the ground, it won’t require watering as frequently as in the beginning. With these tips, your box hedge plant should flourish and grow and continue to provide many years of natural beauty and ambience for your yard.

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