World of Hedges

When planning landscaping and beautification of the outdoor spaces of your home, there are typically several types of plantings and other features which are considered. One of these is a hedge. Hedges are used for various reasons, but homeowners usually want hedge types which will grow quickly in order to improve the aesthetics of the area. When a tall boundary line of plants is needed to screen an area or to define a property line, the question becomes: What are fast growing hedge types that can be planted to show the most results in the shortest time?

It is easy to become overwhelmed when choosing from a nursery catalogue, so identifying several characteristics before buying is important. The size of the plants when mature is a critical element. Deciding between flowering and non-flowering plants is another factor. The amount of care which each type of border plant requires is also to be considered.

Of course, the climate and soil type are also elements which should be considered before planting. No matter how much you like the look of a particular plant, if you live in a cold climate and the plant prefers a warm and humid environment, your plantings may not thrive.

Tall hedges are a low cost way to define boundaries while beautifying the landscape. Fast growing hedges means that the initial cost is lower and the plants soon become large and tall enough to provide a privacy screen without spending the money that planting taller greenery would require.

It is important to think about how the plantings tolerate shade and sun, as well. Are they tolerant of dry weather, or do they need constant babying to maintain an aesthetically appealing appearance? If deciding on a plant from pictures in a catalog or online is still challenging decision-making powers, the suggestions of a landscape architect or nursery personnel can assist with the right choices