For all of your garden planting needs in Garstang speak to World of Hedges Ltd

At World of Hedges Limited we offer a wide variety of services and products for both the public and tradesmen. With over 36 years’ experience, you can be reassured that the services and products you will receive from us are going to be of the highest possible standard. Whatever your plant and hedge needs, our friendly and professional team will be there to assist you every step of the way.

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A bountiful nursery of luscious plants

Our plants are grown at our nursery without the use of insecticides and fungicides, which is great for the environment.

You will have the advantage when buying direct from us, the grower, that our produce comes at very low prices. For the most beautiful plants from around the world get in touch.

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Hardy hedges for your boundaries

We are specialists in hardy hedges, so if you require a protective habitat for wildlife or a living boundary, get in contact today.

Talk to us and we will help you to choose hardy hedges to ensure your hedges’ longevity whatever winter brings. Hedges are our speciality so if you want a hedge that is cutting edge, come to us.

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Over 39 years experience

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Do you also need landscaping services?

For all your hard and soft landscaping requirements, contact our sister company Landscaping in Lancashire by World of Hedges

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