World of Hedges

What Types Of Hedges Flower?

If you are looking to build a hedge with flowering plants, there are the best types of hedges to choose from. Sometimes having an evergreen hedge does not provide the exciting and attractive features for a beautiful landscape. Establishing a flowering hedge can offer seasonal interests, food for birds, and color. Here we help you know what types of hedges flower. Cornelian-Cherry Those looking for one of the earliest blooming hedges should consider cornelian-cherry. At the start of March, this hedge produces yellow flowers without even having a heavy foliage. Green leaves will follow and beautiful red fruits that attract birds. Growing flowering hedges of cornelian-cherry can produce fruits suitable for jellies and jam. Consider this elegant hedge if you are looking for a flowering hedge. Royal Star Magnolia An attractive flowering hedge option, Royal Star is covered by a white, double fragrant bloom during spring. It is followed by a green foliage during summer. For this hedging variety, flowers are the primary attraction, so if you need a hedge with an incredible floral display, Royal Star is the right hedge for you. Those who grow this plant in masses can make the most beautiful hedges and improve their landscapes. Teton Firethorn Another flowering hedge you may consider is the Teton Firethorn. Between May to June, these hedges are adorned by stunning flowers. They produce orange berries that persist from fall through winter. With sharp thorns, these hedges deter most domestic and wild animals. However, their sweet, good-looking fruits attract birds. Choosing this flowering hedge might provide boundary solutions at home. Viburnum If growing a flowering hedge is your next project, consider planting viburnum group of plants. This group comprises over 150 species of flowering plants that may suit your hedging project. It can grow well in many areas that are well-drained and with sufficient sunlight. Consider these flowering hedges for boundaries and aesthetic purposes.