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How to Care for Your Hedges in a Hot Summer

How to Care for Your Hedges in a Hot Summer

As summer temperatures rise, maintaining the health and appearance of your hedges can become a challenge. However, with the right techniques and a little extra attention, you can ensure your hedges thrive even in the hottest months. Here are some essential tips on how to care for your hedges during a hot summer. 1.¬†Watering Wisely […]

Helpful Information About Hedges And Drought In The Summer

Most plants require water all year round, but mostly between April and September. Hedges, trees, and shrubs with less than five years need sufficient moisture to encourage root growth in the soil and enable plants to flourish. During summers, a well-established hedge or shrub rarely requires water because it has developed spreading roots. That means […]

The Hedges That Flower In The Summer

Besides offering protection, a live fence serves as an aesthetic. It can be made of different plant species, but during the summer, there are plants that produce flowers making the sight glow beautifully. They will glow according to the combinations you set up. With a wide scale to choose from, you can end up with […]

Tips For Hedge Maintenance In The Summer

Keeping your hedge beautiful, neat and healthy requires the correct balance of feed, water and outdoor conditions, but the correct pruning can also make or break plants. Hedges in the summer months need to be properly cut to allow the new growth to take over and form that familiar dense growth, but also to strengthen […]