Reasons To Check Out Hornbeam Hedges For Sale

Reasons To Check Out Hornbeam Hedges For Sale

If you would like a more beautiful landscape, you might be thinking about re-seeding the lawn or buying new plants. It also may be a good idea to invest in some fountains or maybe a new sidewalk or patio. However, many people are seeing a lot of benefits in hornbeam hedges for sale, and here is why.

The English hornbeam hedge or carpinus betulus is related to the beach tree and you can tell by looking at their leaves. They are excellent if you want a natural privacy fence on your property. In fact, once you plant them, you could have a six foot (1.8 metre) hedge in as little as five years time. This is relatively fast growing for a hedge.

It won’t take long to fall in love with your new hedge. In fact, these plants do very well in clay soil and can tolerate wet conditions also. They provide a great deal of foliage for privacy and also help to shield your yard from the cold winter wind. Many plants lose their leaves in the fall, but hornbeams keep their leaves for most of the winter, making them the perfect natural fence for all seasons.

In autumn hornbeams turn a lovely golden colour. In fact, they may look their best in wintertime, when covered with frost. These plants are not too expensive and can be purchased at many nurseries.

If you want to save the most money on your hedge plants, buy them in bare root condition. However, you will have to make your purchase during the winter. In summer, they are usually only available in pots and will be a little more expensive because the pots come in larger sizes. Naturally, the larger the plant, the more you will pay.

You can plant your hedges in just about any kind of soil. However, if the soil is poor or low on nutrients you may want to add some fertilizer. You can space them at about three plants for each metre. Once planted, trim off the top of each stem. This will cause the plants to spread out and become bushy, giving you a better hedge.

If you desire a full hedge faster, consider planting staggered rows. For best results, keep compost around the plants and water frequently for the first year. Mulch will help to keep the moisture around your hedge plants.

When you want your hedge to grow tall and appear to be on stilts, consider pleaching. Pleaching is all about training trees and hedges to grow in a specific way or pattern. Trimming out many of the lower branches will give you fewer support trunks, providing that “tall” look. For support, you will need to install special posts and support wires.

Perhaps you don’t want to wait several years for a beautiful hedge. All you have to do is buy larger plants from your nursery. You may also buy an ornamental hedge called a Fastigiate Hornbeam. It grows into an egg shaped tree and is perfect for walkways. They make excellent screening trees when planted at about 300 cm apart.