World of Hedges

As winter comes to an end and a new season begins, trees start springing to life. To ensure that your plants and trees grow and stay healthy, you need to take care of them. Here are some preparations you need to make to get your hedges ready for spring.

It is important to trim the shrubbery. For this to happen, you need to have the right tools. This includes having pruners to prune the plants. A pruning saw or loppers can come in handy for plants that have thick branches. Hedge shears can be used to trim the shrubbery.

One of the things you can do is trim branches that died over winter. Call in a professional or handle it yourself, if you have the tools and skills to do the job. The trimming should be done from time to time. In addition, remove branches that were damaged by ice and the cold weather. This will make the tree look more appealing and beautiful. Also, cut out branches that are starting to grow and crisscross into other branches.

Shaping the plants early on before the season begins is a good idea. Shaping helps the plants to fill out in areas where spaces were left by damaged parts of the plant during winter. By doing it early on, the plants will take shape during summer months and you can enjoy the view. Once shaped, you will need to maintain it.

Remove suckers from the plants. Suckers use up nutrients that should go to the plant. Suckers are the tiny branches that shoot up from the base of the branch. Also, remove branches that are growing vertically. When pruning, ensure that the base of the shrub is larger than the top. This allows for sunlight to penetrate to the base of the shrubs and stimulate growth.

Removing thick branches from overgrown trees is advisable. This will promote new growth and the shrubbery will quickly fill up again and look thick and healthy. Ensure to make clean cuts when cutting off any branches. Clean cuts heal faster and promote faster growth.

It is also important that you remove any debris that is around the plants. There is likely to be lots of dead leaves and branches that were left around during winter. Remove the leaves, debris and any dead plants. This will help you focus on your growing shrubs.

Fertilize the shrubbery as the season starts. Add some compost or organic manure at the foot of the shrubs. In cases where you have trimmed off branches or you have raked up the dead leaves, you can use them as fertilizer. Rake up the dead leaves and rotting branches over the soil, where the shrubbery is.

Healthy and nice looking shrubs will help to increase the beauty of your landscape. Taking care of the shrubbery is not a hard job; anyone can do it, as long as you have the right tools. Once the season starts, plants will start growing fast, so get ahead of tasks by getting your shrubbery ready, so as to get ready for the new growth.