World of Hedges

If you are thinking about having a fence around your property, think about putting up a hedge. This is due to the several benefits of hedges. The best time to plant a hedge is as soon as you move in to your property, before you know it, the plants and trees will be established. Here are some top reasons why having hedges is a good idea.

It is not very expensive to plant a hedge. This is because the cost of buying the small plants varies, so you can buy something that you can afford. There are also many varieties of plants, so you can easily choose from the many options that are available. This makes the cost of the fence so much cheaper than other types of fences.

You can handle it as a do it yourself project. You do not have to employ someone else to do it for you, since all you have to do is to plant the plants around your property. This will save you the cost and hassle of hiring a professional to do it for you. This can give you great satisfaction, knowing that you are the one who set up the live fence around your property. It can also make for a great DIY project for your family.

If it is well maintained, it will generally look good and smell good. This will increase the aesthetic appeal of your house and help to increase the property value if you are planning to sell the property. Also, a hedge will blend in well with the rest of your landscape design and the fact that it is natural is a plus.

If you love nature and animals, then this will be a great way to attract them. Birds can nest on the plants and other insects, such as butterflies, will frequently visit your compound. If you are in a rural area or out in the wild and you want to attract some wild animals, you can place some feeders in the hedge. Animals will come to eat and drink from the feeder.

You will enjoy a lot of privacy in your compound, as you can keep out unwanted gazes from neighbours and people in the streets. Try and make your hedge thick, if you want lots of privacy. You can combine it with some climbers to increase your level of privacy.

You can use short hedges to outline a path in your compound. This will make it easier for guests to know where to walk. This will prevent people from walking on your grass or any other area where you don’t want people to walk. This will ensure that your grass and other plants don’t get ruined.

The plants will act as a windbreaker. This will prevent any plants that you have planted in your garden from getting destroyed by winds which are too strong. This will encourage your plants to grow twice as fast. This is also a great way to reduce your heating bills, as cool winds will be filtered away from the main house.