World of Hedges

Fast-growing hedges are always in demand for any nature loving individual. Hedges have a wide range of uses, including privacy, shade, sheds, fences, and air-conditioning units. Rapid growing hedges are always desirable since they meet their desired purpose within a short time. In this article, we explore what are fast growing hedge types.

Green Bamboo

They make elegant looking hedges, improving the nature since they grow to desirable heights fast and have dense foliage. These hedges have green leaves with upright canes. The most popular fast-growing bamboo variety is the running type. This type spreads quickly, hence filling an area quickly, but one has to be careful so that it does not grow to the undesired regions. To prevent it from overrunning, barriers can be placed strategically.

Alnus Glutinosa

Alder is a fast-growing deciduous hedge plant with a dense leafy screen, with a growth rate of more than 60cm annually. This growth feature gives a habitat to wildlife, including birds, butterflies, moths, and caterpillars. This hedge thrives well in wet and quality soils, hence best suit for coastal areas and other waterside areas. In case of waterlogged gardens, alder is a perfect choice. Combining alder with other native species is advisable for an excellent-looking hedge.

Cherry Laurel

This species grows rapidly, having an estimated growth of 30-60cm per year. Cherry Laurel hedge has excellent features including evergreen foliage, white flowers and wildlife friendly. The Lauren hedging thrives in normal or dry soils, achieving heights of up to 5metres. This hedging, when used, aids in breaking wind and noise and improving the appearance with its evergreen foliage.

Golden Leylandii

For an attractive golden looking hedge, golden Leylandii is best suited. It explodes with a dense foliage up to 60cm per year. The Leylandii hedge thrives in normal soils, achieving heights of up to 6 meters. When choosing a fast-growing hedging plant, one should consider any of the above.